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Friday, October 27, 2006

Spending spree

I've spent way too much this week. When I look at what I've bought, it's not a lot. But when you're stuck on incapacity benefit, you have so little money anyway, even a slight overspend leads to immediate regret. I bought some nice, big, cream fleece cushions in Wilkinson on Wednesday. I had the bright idea of buying a wrought iron headboard a couple of years ago, but it's been nothing but trouble ever since, with the pillows worming their way through it every night, causing great discomfort. I can't afford to replace it yet, so I bought the big cushions to act as a barrier between the pillows and the headboard.

Yesterday, I headed into Wilkinson again, and came out with a new pair of fleece-lined slippers. After that, I went on a hunt for a book about fungi. The Works had nothing on the subject. I was hoping to grab a small, pocket-sized field guide I saw there a little while ago, which cost £2.99. I eventually located this particular book in W.H. Smith, but they wanted £9.99 for it, so I decided to pass.

Then, I hopped on a bus to Morrison's. First port of call was their restaurant, where I had an unhealthy but tasty plate of double egg and chips, for just £1.49. Whilst drifting around the store, somehow or other, a grey faux fur throw ended up in my trolley. I've been eyeing those throws up for weeks. Now, I have one on my bed, but as a result, I have to keep a very tight rein on the purse strings for a couple of weeks. Still, at least it has a practical, as well as a decorative purpose. It's made of two layers of material stitched together, one layer of faux fur, and another of fleece, so it's a good protection against the cold. Thanks to shocking price rises, I'll need to keep the heating off this winter, in all but the most severe weather. So my £16.99 faux fur throw will probably pay for itself several times over, before the winter's through.

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