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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nowt to shout about

I've been meaning to get out and about for days. Whenever the sun shines, I seem to have too many things to do, and can't go anywhere. When I have a free day - it pees down. Sod's law, really. I will try to get some new pics this week, although I can't promise anything. I intend trying to get a bit further afield than Gower, but none of the destinations I've considered are well served by public transport.

I've been thinking about visiting either the Glamorgan Heritage Coast or some of the estuarine villages in Carmarthenshire. Where transport links do exist, they involve travelling on two or three different bus networks. Because these networks don't accept First Cymru tickets, the cost of travelling on them becomes prohibitive. Also, some of the smaller places have absolutely no facilities at this time of year, and the buses run about once every three hours. The thought of being stuck in some tiny estuarine hamlet in darkest Carmarthenshire, for several hours, without anywhere to go for a cuppa or a bag of chips, is not very nice.

Anyway, we'll see what, if anything, materialises this week.

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