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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Most Haunted, Ghost Towns, etc

I've long suspected that these shows are nothing but hyped up balderdash. On Tuesday night, my suspicions were confirmed. I rarely watch such shows, because they simply do not convince me. Neither does Derek Acorah.

Tuesday night's episode of Ghost Towns has probably been aired on Living a billion times by now. However, it was the first time I'd seen it. The team were visiting Swansea.

Now don't get me wrong. I believe all the members of the public were sincere, and had genuinely experienced something that scared them witless. I was especially interested in the experiences of Pie Williams, the owner of High Street's tattoo studio. Someone I know used to live above that shop, and even though I only visited once or twice, I immediately picked up a weird atmosphere. A lot of people I know who have lived above different businesses in High Street, have had similar issues.

However, I realised just how much sensationalism and manipulation goes into making a show like Ghost Towns or Most Haunted, when a local historian on the show's payroll decided to link the murder of Mamie Stewart with the room above the tattoo shop. Mamie Stewart resided in Caswell. Her body was discovered in a cave at Brandy Cove. So what did George Shotton, her presumed killer do? Did he drag her all the way to High Street, kill her, dismember her and then haul her remains back to Gower on a handcart? I don't think so.

If this kind of tenuous, manipulative link can be made in the Swansea programme, what about other locations? They must be equally filled with reconfigured facts. Do they not realise that local people will spot such "artistic licence"? This reduces the whole show to near-charlatanry for me.

As for Derek Acorah, who's he kidding? He may have a genuine gift for all I know, but he's such a drama queen. Anyone who gets taken in by him, needs to have their credibility threshold raised. "Ooh! Ooh! He's got me ankles". Yeah, right. I felt my leg being tugged quite vigorously, too.

And what the hell qualifies Myleene Klass to be a paranormal investigator? Rhodri Owen is an investigative journalist, so I can understand his role on the show. But a pop singer with a stalled music career? Time to lay this sorry ghost of a show to rest, now.


The Pig's Lip said...

have to agree most heartily with that. the historian also said that there was a ruined chapel very near to the Gower Geritage Centre - I would not class Trinity Well as being close enough to figure in the haunting of the Heritage Centre. posted almost an identical - if very truncated version of what you say here on a new forum i found - take a look at the forum if you are interested in local hauntings:
very disappointed in derek Acorah's Ghost Towns.

Siani said...

Oh poo! That website won't allow me to read certain forums unless I register. I might do it later.

So was that Most Haunted or Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns I saw the other night? Or just same tired old formula, new name? I've been suspicious of him for a long time, because he just seems utterly insincere to me. The Swansea programme was the proof I needed.

As for that local historian, who is he? He ought to be ashamed of himself for making that pathetic and tenuous link between Mamie Stewart and the tattoo shop events.

I felt insulted by that show. The people involved knew it was a load of BS, and must have known local people would realise it, yet they still pressed ahead with something that was little short of a fraud. I bet there are people in towns and cities saying the same thing, after seeing their local historical facts mangled to fit the rantings of a conman.

The Pig's Lip said...

yes - it was ghost town not most haunted. if you go to google video and type in most haunted you should find some eye opening clips that wiull really put you off the show