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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fuddled about fungi

I have searched well over a thousand images trying to identify the fungi I photographed during my last trip to Rhossili. I am still utterly clueless as to what they might be. I think I may have to buy a book on the subject, as there are very few good quality websites, and none that offer a complete, illustrated A-Z of British fungi. If anyone has any idea at all what fungi I snapped, please let me know. It drives me nuts when I don't know something and cannot find any decent information. To make matters even worse, weather allowing, I intend doing a forage through some of the local parks, to see what other fungi I can discover - more headaches trying to identify them. I photographed something last autumn, which I intended to post here, only to be informed by a friend, that I'd snapped magic mushrooms!


The Pig's Lip said...

I too have become fascinated with Fungi this month. Will try and identify yours later tonight. I am currently working on a Fungi section of my Gower site so the info will also come in useful for myself.

Stella said...

I think the large dinner plate sized one is a parasol mushroom. We ate two of these yesterday - very tasty! If I find out what the others are I will let you know.

Siani said...

Stella, Chris - thanks, I would really appreciate your help. I'm utterly clueless, and despite hunting through thousands of online images, I'm still at a loss. I think I may have to buy a decent book or two on the subject, a larger reference and a pocket guide I can take out and about with me.