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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Collapse of council coalition?

Our local council may be in even greater disarray than any of us imagine, if this article is anything to go by. It appears that Liberal Democrat and Tory members of the coalition are more concerned with trading email insults than doing their jobs. According to deposed Labour members, that is, who can hardly claim to be dispassionate and objective observers, when it comes to council issues

Whether the council administration is in disarray or not, Swansea certainly is at the moment. What do we have? Roads ripped up, traffic gridlock, Continental driving on the Kingsway, bus routes diverted with little or no warning, £10,000 spent on a load of old balls for a nondescript patch of green in front of the museum, expensive, fancy street lighting on Princess Way that doesn't work, projects running grossly over-budget - I could go on in this vein for hours.

Why won't the papers come out and say exactly what we're all thinking? The current council administration is a shower of shite. The previous Labour administration was a shower of shite. They're all busy trading insults, and whilst they indulge in a bit of puerile fun, Swansea suffers. To hell with the lot of them ...

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