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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Roll up for the Gower Vanguard

I've just read a report in the Evening Post that the Gower Vanguard service is to return this summer, some fifty years after it last hared around Gower's lanes. You can read the full story here. I emailed the Gower Heritage Centre a little while ago, asking for details, and got a response within minutes. They're currently awaiting delivery of the bus and have not yet finalised details of the service, but as soon as I get any further information about it, I'll post it here. I've never experienced an al fresco ride around Gower before, but really fancy it, although I'll be careful to pick a warm, calm day.


Tropein said...

How cool is that? If I ever am fortunate enough to visit Swansea, I'm taking the open bus.

I had to laugh at this sentence in the article: "Everyone had their own car and then in the 1970s everyone went to Spain." The sentence makes it seem as if all y'all had gotten cars and moved to Spain.

Siani said...

Nah, ya daft nellie! What they mean is people stopped taking the bus, because they had cars, and people stopped visiting Gower, because package holidays to Spain became the "in" thing for the masses, during the '70s.