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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Siâni

Here are thirteen things I would ban from the world, and my reasons why.

1…. Weapons. If there were no weapons, no-one would be able to use them against each other.

2.... Bad manners. Can't abide them. There's just no excuse.

3.... Car stereos. I'm sick of fools driving past my house, blasting out dance music at 4 am, waking me up and scaring the cats.

4.... Tobacco. It kills people and smells horrid.

5.... Street drugs. They wreck lives and kill people, whilst making some bad people very rich.

6.... Wasps. They're the al-Qaeda of the insect world, always looking for innocent victims. Plus I'm allergic to wasp stings.

7.... Houseflies. They're horrid, filthy things. Have you seen how they feed? They project saliva onto their food first, so it partly digests, then they eat it. So if a fly lands on your food, it spits on it before taking off again. Yeuch.

8.... Parsnips. They taste vile and come from the devil's own garden!

9.... Garlic. I'm a vampire! Just kidding - it upsets my tummy, and smells awful.

10... Rats. Horrid, verminous beasts - they spread disease.

11... Tripe and onions. Have you ever tasted it? Yeuch!

12... People who don't bathe regularly and have no good excuse for not doing so. I understand sick, elderly or infirm people may have difficulties with bathing, so have no issue with that. But I despise fit, healthy people who are born stinkers. There's no excuse, when living in a modern country, in full health, for anyone to go out in public, stinking to high heaven.

13...Hypocrites. Be who and what you are, no matter what. I've more respect for an honest but vile person, than someone who exudes false nicety.

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Jennifer said...

I am a garlic lover, so you crushed me. LOL...

I agree on the flies, wasps, and any other biting insect. I am not a big rat fan either, but imagine that a lot of places wouldn't be as nice without them.

Happy Thursday...have a great day.

IRENE said...

Great meme idea!I have to agree about bad manners, houseflies and wasps! Can you spare me a garlic clove, please?

Ann Aguirre said...

12 and 13 especially. Great list!

~*Country Dawn*~ said...

I hate flies! UGH. But I think, if you banned weapons, people would just make them. :x

Mama Pajama said...

I love garlic!! But I agree with your last two! Have a good week!

Buck Naked Politics said...

Number 6 is tooo funny.

Amy Ruttan said...

Oh yes, lets get rid of all those things, except garlic. I like garlic. Parsnips YUCK satans weed! Blech.

Great list Happy TT.

Nicholas said...

Sorry, I can't agree with you about garlic!

J. Lynne said...

I agree with everything but the garlic. Not only do I love cooking with it but it has medicinal uses. ;)

If you add politicians in its place, it would be the perfect list.