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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Ark - Liberty warms her toes in style

Liberty tells us a story, for this week's and .


Yay! A fleece-lined slipper to keep my toes warm. Gerroff! It's mine.

Excuse me whilst I kick it into submission. Take that, damn slipper.

Eeeeeww! Stinky! Not like. Not sticking my toes in there. I need a change of plan - fast.

Aha! What do I spy over there? Could it be? Is it my lucky day?

Yes! Brand new, unstinky slippers. They've even got sparkly sequins on. Perfect for a little princess like me. Now, if only they were heated ...

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Anonymous said...

Talk about splipping into something more comfortable...
That last picture says more about cats than a hundred words.

jams o donnell said...

Haha. She's a cat of taste and distinction! Bebe is a terror with the not-wife's slippers. She seems to think they're kittens and she will walk off with them, taking them to a quiet nest. She'll even take them off her feet!

Valerie said...

Sure looks like she's conquered those nasty slippers.

Anonymous said...

Another feline footwear aficionado. I have to retrieve shoes [and socks] from under the furniture every other day.

who knew foot odor was attractive to cats?

What a wonderful face with a black button nose.