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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I've been quite busy recently, so I've not had much time for blogging. On Saturday, I took a break from everything, and had my first night out in months. I went to see my friend's band perform at a local pub, and had a pretty good night.

My cousin, Wayne, has just been offered a flat by Coastal Housing, which he's moving into in the next week. After he's moved all his stuff to the new place, I'm going to have a massive spring clean and do a bit of decorating. Not that he's wrecked the decor, or anything like that. The place needs a lick of paint, and it would be hard to work around all of Wayne's stuff, as well as my usual clutter.

I've started taking driving lessons again, after a gap of a few years. My first lesson, last night, went pretty well - far better than I expected. My main issue is forgetting to change gear - but I guess that will become second nature after while. Remembering to change gear, I mean. I don't want forgetting to become second nature.

Oh well. That's about it for now. Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to blog about soon.


Dragonstar said...

Forgetting is already second nature to me...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the lessons. How is the laptop situation?

Siani said...

Dragonstar, I don't know why, but forgetfulness seems to be my new best friend. Ugh.

Thanks, Aileni. Pretty pleased with how the lesson went. The laptop is at the Acer repair centre. Hopefully, they can fix it, otherwise I want a brand new one, as it's still under warranty.