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Friday, July 03, 2009

Dog Shampoo

I'm fortunate enough to have a happy, well adjusted dog in almost every possible way. But I face a real conundrum when trying to select a suitable dog shampoo to bathe my Jake with. Luckily, as he's a Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix, he's a low odor dog, but he still needs regular bathing, as he enjoys a good mud bath every now and then. However, most of the dog shampoos on the market play havoc with his skin and coat.

He has a very long, dense coat, which requires regular trips to the dog groomer, to prevent him from becoming tangled up. Sadly, even the high quality shampoo used at the grooming salon, makes him itch like crazy for several days after his visit. Perfumed shampoos are the worst for irritating his skin. Also, when his coat is long, most shampoos leave a sticky residue, which causes his fur to mat close to his skin. So how do I get a sweet-smelling dog, without irritating the poor fellow's sensitive skin, or tangling up his coat?

Since becoming a volunteer worker at an animal shelter, I've discovered that the best shampoos to use for bathing dogs, are made from high quality natural ingredients. Dinovite produces a great range of natural, Dogosuds dog shampoos at very competitive prices. Made from natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree and peppermint, Dogosuds shampoos also come in a variety of bottle sizes. There is even an unscented option, with yucca extract, which has soothing and healing properties. Lavender, tea tree and peppermint are all effective, natural flea repellants, which also have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, as well as a long-lasting, fresh scent. Should you live in an area where your dog has regular run-ins with skunks - Dogosuds shampoos are also effective at eradicating skunk odor.

There's nothing worse than an itchy, smelly, tangled-up dog. He suffers, and so do you. Dinovite dog shampoos are chemical and irritant-free. Although they produce a nice, rich lather, they also rinse out very easily, and leave behind no sticky residue to clog up your dog's coat. Why not give your dog a treat today, and give him a lovely, itch-free Dogosuds bath?


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