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Friday, May 15, 2009

Socks, dogs and King Arthur

Who stole the sun? The weather has been utterly horrid over the last couple of days. Wednesday was quite nice. I took Jake on a long walk, and ended up at one of my favourite coffee shops in Swansea, Sapore, which is on Plymouth Street (my other favourite is also called Sapore, which is in the Picton Arcade). I tied Jake to the bicycle rail outside the door, stepped about four feet into the shop, and his lordship launched into a volley of hysterical barking. 'No, don't leave me here, so far away from you, tied up for the whole ninety seconds or so it will take you to order your cappuccino. No! How can you be so mean? Oh! You're back already? Phew.'

Last night, I had a lovely three-course dinner at the King Arthur Hotel, in Reynoldston. The food was lovely. I started off with cockles and laverbread, topped with cheese and bacon, followed by lasagne and chips, and finished it all off with some Joe's Turkish Delight-flavoured ice cream. I went with my cousin, Wayne, his friend, Gregg, and Gregg's friend Brad, who is visiting from Kansas. As we travelled back along the North Road, even I was amazed at the sheer number of animals roaming the highway. They seemed utterly unconcerned at the car's approach. Luckily, Gregg seems a cautious driver, and kept his speed appropriate, so there were no mishaps. There were loads of foals, tiny lambs, and big herds of cattle, including some youngsters enjoying a play fight of some sort.

I just took Jake on a quick walk with me to the local bakery. As we turned the corner, I was surprised to see a Jake look-alike trotting towards me, a little Lhasa Apso, in similar colours. They sniffed each other, seemed to like each other, and I wondered if they were related. Maybe that was Jake's Lhasa Apso daddy. Who knows?

I picked up a rather nice parcel this morning - four balls of Regia sock yarn, in two different colours. Don't ask me why, but I fancy having a go at making my own socks. I've had a trial run, with bamboo yarn, but they're only fit enough to be used as bed socks, as the yarn isn't tough enough for every day footwear. But the Regia yarn I picked up on eBay comes with a ten year guarantee against falling apart, and is generally meant to be pretty tough. I got it much cheaper than I would have at my local yarn shop, too, despite paying P&P. The colours are pretty funky, too. I'll post pics if the socks turn out OK.

Oh well, that's all for now. What an exciting life I lead, eh? Never mind, it could be a heck of a lot worse.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know the King Arthur is still going. I was about ten when I first went there - they put me out because of the law.
You mention the North Road - when I put up my ScenicSunday shot I debated saying where it was taken from but thought it pointless as it would mean little to most participants.I didn't say anything about Pwll Du or the eastern flank of the Bryn either.