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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mugger sentenced

I've just been told that John Mylan, the man who mugged me, has received a 2½ year prison sentence. Alas, chances are, if he behaves himself inside, he'll be released on licence after serving half of that. So by August 2010, chances are I could come face-to-face with him somewhere again.

I think it's appalling that this person is eligible for early release. He was out on licence after a number of previous muggings, when he attacked me and some others. It's obvious that being on licence has no impact on this man's criminal behaviour, so he should be made to serve his full time. I'm also a little bit annoyed that I was never offered the opportunity to submit a victim impact statement to the court.

Never mind. At least he's off the streets for now. I hope he gets the treatment he needs for his drug problem, and decides to sort himself out. He could have hurt me physically, but he chose not to, so maybe there's hope for him yet. I certainly hope so, because I'd hate to think of him leaving anyone else with the psychological scars he's inflicted upon me.

1 comment:

LadyBanana said...

I'm pleased for you he's been caught and now behind bars.

Just a shame it's not for longer.

The police never caught anyone for my burglary back in November.. I think they just gave up.

I'm still nervous of coming home when the house is empty - maybe I always will be now..