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Friday, April 03, 2009

How to treat acne?

As a teenager, I feared one ghastly, four-letter word more than any other: acne. Although I only suffered a mild case, some of my friends were severely affected. There is nothing more distressing, for a young person just approaching adulthood, than to find themselves besieged with facial acne. During my teenage years, there were very few effective treatments for acne, and they tended to come in the 'one size fits all' variety. Sadly, what works for one acne sufferer, may not necessarily work for the next. Fortunately, DrSkinSpa offers a wide range of Acne care products, to suit every type of skin.

DrSkinSpa recognizes that the key to eliminating acne lesions, is to base acne treatment on skin type. The wrong treatment could actually exacerbate acne. So DrSkinSpa has products specifically for different skin types, for example a Biomedic acne treatment program that specifically targets oily skin, killing the bacteria responsible for an acne outbreak. There are also 21-day intensive treatment programs on offer. All products come with a reasonable price tag, same-day shipping, as well as discounts on all orders over $55. Better still, DrSkinSpa is owned and operated by doctors, rather than a random internet merchant with no knowledge or understanding of the products. Acne is distressing, but thanks to DrSkinSpa, there is effective help out there for you.


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