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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hooray Henry

Cesar Millan and DaddyImage by puck90 via Flickr

I'm glad to report that Horrible Henry the Hamster has returned home to his cage. I hit on the idea of placing his cage on the bathroom floor. 'That'll never work', declared Wayne, when he arrived home from work. 'We'll see', I said.

An hour or so later, I heard Wayne bawling: 'Henry's back, Henry's back, HENRY'S BACK'. 'Yeah, I heard you the first time'. Wayne ('that'll never work') discovered him sitting on top of the cage last night. Needless to day, he grabbed Triple H, as my friend Sam calls him, and incarcerated the horrid rodent once again.

My list of talents is astounding. Apprentice curmudgeon, strawberry grower, blogger, Leo the lion tamer, and now, hamster whisperer extraordinaire. Cesar Milan, eat your heart out. My new show, The Hamster Whisperer, is due to replace The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic.
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