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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swansea Bay and Marina

I meant to upload a few more pics from Friday's walk, but didn't get around to it. The first two are from a batch I took on the beach. Fortunately, these two don't have a pooping Shih Tzu in the foreground.

From the beach, we headed for the marina. I had no intention of walking as far around the marina as I did. But thanks to the hideous monstrosity under construction on the seafront (you'll see it in later pics), I couldn't take my usual route. I had to keep walking along the seafront until I could find a way into the marina.

I then had to continue towards the lock bridge, to cross to the homeward side of the water. I took a few shots on the way. They're nothing special, but they hopefully capture the chill I was feeling.

I hope the stupid council never allow anything to be built that will obscure the view in this direction. It's nice to be able to see Kilvey Hill towering above the marina.

I will NEVER understand why the council granted planning permission for this grotesque edifice. It's ugly, and just looks totally out of place in this location. I wish a UFO would come along and beam it up!

If the idiots had to plonk such a tall building right on the seafront - why couldn't it have looked more like the taller building in this shot?

At least Dylan Thomas's statue can still be photographed without that monstrosity hogging the lens.

I wish I'd taken more shots of this particular vista before Frankentower was built. What a monster.

Oops - I didn't mean this post to turn into a rant against my most hated building ever. But I DO hate it, and will always hate it. Why is there never a UFO around when you need one? :)

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Anonymous said...

How did Jake take to all the walking on those little legs ?
I share your horror and it seems set to get taller.

Siani said...

Jake's a sturdy little plodder - he was still in the mood to race around when we left the beach, and when we got off the bus, he tried to gallop home. He had plenty of exercise in his previous home, chasing three kids and two Rottweilers, so I guess it was easy for him.

I really loathe that vile building. I have another name for it, which is far too obscene to print here!

LadyBanana said...

Lovely photos, I'd love a stroll round there, maybe when not quite as cold though!

Jeremy said...

That tower looks even worse from the Blackpill area, which is where I usually view it from - it, and the ugly flats to its right, block out a good portion of those lovely hills beyond.