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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roll on February 25th

Jake has been as good as gold for the last couple of weeks. Alas, over the last couple of days, he's started to show dominant behaviour traits again. I'm not impressed. Don't get me wrong - he really is a fantastic little dog, in every possible way. But he likes to vie for the position of pack leader every so often. I guess that's what young, unneutered male dogs do. I've been growled at a couple of times, usually when stopping him eating things he's not supposed to eat. He seems to have quickly abandoned that method of trying to gain supremacy, as I simply haul him away and ignore him for a little while afterwards.

He's reverted to his crazed, frantic humping behaviour again. He gets a completely insane look about him, and flings himself at me, before wrapping himself tightly around whatever part of me he can get hold of. Then, he starts trying to hump. He tried about five times just now, barking at me like a mad thing when I shoved him off the first couple of times. I fought off his later attempts by getting up and walking away, so he then stole my chair. When I sat in his favourite chair, he came and tried to force me off that chair. When I refused to budge, he finally got the message, and went to sleep on the floor.

Thankfully, he's never nasty about it. He's just an adolescent pushing his luck, I guess. Roll on February 25th, I say. He's being neutered on that day. Hopefully, that will cool him down a little. The humping attempts may not stop right away, but it should make him less inclined to try to usurp the alpha dog throne. That one's mine!

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