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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mega Brands Kids Zone

Have you noticed how a lot of online gaming sites aren't really suitable for children? I logged on to a gaming site the other day, and had no idea that I would be automatically logged on to a chat room at the same time. As soon as I realized, I left that site. Imagine allowing your child to visit a site where anyone could engage them in a conversation?

I started researching the various gaming sites and was also horrified to come across advertisements on them that were far from suitable for children. Then I came across the MEGA Brands Kids Zone. Designed specifically for children, it is a safe site that offers interesting games, with high quality graphics and music. I tried a few of the games myself, and especially enjoyed Dragons Metal Ages. It's a fun game, involving fantasy creatures, rather than people, so it doesn't in any way promote inter-personal violence, making it highly suitable for children to play.

Another game I especially liked, which would appeal to younger children, is the Drawing Game. Essentially, a player can choose from six different pre-drawn canvases, and color it in with different tools, e.g. a pencil, airbrush, marker or crayon. There is also an eraser to tidy up mistakes. I think this game would be an excellent way for children to develop computer skills, as well as eye-hand coordination - and have fun at the same time.

I recommend all parents to check out this site. So many gaming sites nowadays contain content inappropriate for children, that it's nice to know there are safe, online havens where kids can have fun, and also, develop their computer skills. Once again, the name of the site is MEGA Brands Kids Zone. Have fun!


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