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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looking down on Swansea

I decided not to take Jake to the park today, despite it being a nice, sunny day. He had a bath yesterday, and I didn't want him coming home covered in mud and leaves again today. As he enjoys a nice, long walk, I decided to head to the North Hill area of the city, and explore some streets I've never visited.

It's a pretty average neighbourhood, with several terraces of houses, most with their front doors opening directly on to the street. But what a view! I headed along a few streets, with unfamiliar names such as Campbell Street and Winston Street, and was amazed to discover I had a view over the whole of the north-eastern edge of the city. I could see the railway station, Kilvey Hill, the bay, and up the Swansea Valley to the Brecon Beacons.

This first two shots are very alike, and show Kilvey Hill, with the suburb of St. Thomas clinging to its slopes.

Here's a view across the bay towards Port Talbot and the hills surrounding the south Wales valleys. It also shows Swansea docks and the new SA1 area.

Here's the sweeping view across Swansea Enterprise Park, right up the Swansea Valley to the Brecon Beacons. I had no idea such a vista awaited me when I turned into the side street from which I took these shots.

Here's another view across the bay, showing part of Kilvey Hill and St. Thomas

This shot also shows Alexandra House (the tall building), as well as the Grand Hotel and the train station.

Walking further along the street, I captured this shot, looking out across the city, the Marina and the bay.

I experimented with the zoom function to get a reasonably close shot of the railway station forecourt, with the Grand Hotel opposite.

I moved on after this shot, as the sky was becoming decidedly moody.

However, whilst heading in the direction of home, I spotted another quiet-looking street, which came to a dead end at a fairly high wall. I suspected there might be a nice view from there as well, so I walked down to the wall, and peered over. I wasn't wrong. I managed to capture these shots. Not even that vile tower could ruin the view. I've also captured the domed roof of the famous Swansea Market.

As I took this last shot, I realised just how dark and overcast the sky had become.

I headed off for home, hoping to be indoors before the weather turned. I made it unscathed, despite multiple delays, as Jake sniffed at, and cocked his leg on every lamp post, gate post and street corner we passed. Just five hours or so later, there's a nasty gale shrieking in off the sea, and the rain is lashing my windows. Let's hope it's gone by the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Marvellous - but the town has changed a bit. Were you near the Round School?

Siani said...

Thanks, Aileni. You would probably find parts of the city centre unrecognisable nowadays - mostly for the better, apart from Satan Tower, as I've now taken to calling it.

I wasn't as far up as the round school - too much of a hike. I walked up North Hill Road, then turned off by the Farmer's pub, on to Hill Street. From Hill Street, I took a left turn down a fairly steep terrace. This street came out on another road (no idea what it's called), which had a dead end. I found myself by some railings, and a steep, grassy bank, which I think was above Watkin Street. The round school was more or less directly overhead, but a good half mile or so away.

jams o donnell said...

You certainly have far better vistas than we have in Romford!

LadyBanana said...

You do, as I have said before have some fabulous views in your area..
A wonderful place to live!

Jeremy said...

It certainly is a grand view from up there. Some nice views of the bay also from high up in the West Cross area. Who needs the Bay of Naples!