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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

London Marathon 2009

My friend, Michael, has been training hard for the last few weeks, ready to take part in the Flora London Marathon, on April 26th, 2009. He's participating to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation. Michael's a lovely man, who is very dedicated to this cause, as his partner is battling bipolar disorder.

If you have a few spare pennies, please consider sponsoring Michael. You would be donating to a very worthy cause. The mental healthcare system in the UK stinks, as it is so severely underfunded. Also, mental illnesses are often viewed as less deserving of medical time and attention than physical illnesses. This leads to untold misery for those suffering mental illnesses, as well as those closest to them. It's an unacceptable situation, and the government of this country ought to be very ashamed of itself, for not doing more to help the mentally ill and support their partners, families, etc.

Sponsor Michael here.

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1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

A very worthy cause - good luck to him.