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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fat Belly Diet

Have you heard about the Flat Belly Diet? It's the diet everyone's talking about. It specifically targets that stubborn, hard-to-shift belly fat that plagues so many of us. Developed by the editor of Prevention Magazine, it's a scientific program based on eating mono-unsaturated fats at every meal. By following the program, you could potentially lose up to fifteen pounds of belly fat, in just thirty two days.


Prevention Magazine is currently looking for recruits, to try the Fat Belly Diet free of charge, and blog about their experiences on their website. All accepted participants will also receive a free Fat Belly Diet book, a free 1 year subscription to the website, and membership of the exclusive Success Story Club.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Flat Belly Diet for me, is the fact that it doesn't require you to follow a strenuous exercise program. Also, it allows the consumption of dark chocolate. What other diet promises to get the fat off, whilst also allowing a nice chocolate-y treat?

Also, by following the Fat Belly Diet, you would also be following a diet that is very good for your heart. Recent research has suggested that mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) can combat the effects of bad, saturated fats, and can also aid in encouraging weight loss. Specifically, these MUFAs are believed to target belly fat. If this sounds like your kind of diet, check out the Flat Belly Diet today, and you could get yourself some free goodies, as well as a nice, flat tummy.


1 comment:

Liz said...

The Photohunt post won't let me comment! So what I was going to say was that, when I was little, we used to go on our summer holidays to a tiny caravan in Port eynon.

And I hate to say this but the new high building has grown on me and I'm quite fond it now! But I don't live where it's cutting out y light or invading my privacy.

THis fat belly diet would sound good but I don't like avocados or dark chocolate! I must do something to get rid of this huge fold of fat that flops around my waistline! It is 'affull' to quote the verifier.