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Friday, October 31, 2008

Poor Alfie

Leo clawed Alfie in his right eye earlier this evening. I'm furious, and worried sick. Poor old Alfie let out a heck of a yelp, and some bloody fluid and a little bit of blood came out of his eye. I threw Leo out, bathed the dog's eye with cooled water from the kettle, and put some of his Viscotears gel in the eye. He has enough problems with his poor eyes as it is. He was so upset, he was shivering. So I wrapped him in a clean blanket, put him on my lap and just held him for a while. Poor little fellow - he laid his head on my shoulder and just snuggled up. He seemed to know I was trying to help.

I'll need to wake him soon, as he hasn't had his supper or his allergy medication yet. Plus I'll need to pop him outside for a pee. I'll call the PDSA tomorrow morning, and ask them if they'll see him as an emergency. If not, it'll have to be Monday. The last thing he needs is an infection, on top of his keratoconjunctivitis sicca. I really don't know what's wrong with that wretched cat. If he's not trying to rip my legs to shreds, he's biting Liberty until she screams, and now, he's got the dog to torment as well. That's when he's not murdering birds and small mammals. Horrid boy. He's really in my bad books at the moment. Here's hoping poor Alfie hasn't suffered any lasting damage. I feel so sad for him at the moment. He hasn't got a bad bone in his body, bless him.


Aileni said...

I honestly did fear something like this, but his eye - almost seems deliberate malice.
We feel for both of you.

Dragonstar said...

Is Leo getting more difficult? Poor little Alfie, I do hope his eye heals. Please keep us informed.

Lady Banana said...

That's not good news.. I hope Alfies eye isn't too bad..

Is Leo jealous do you think?