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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morning walk - Cwmdonkin

For some reason, I never have my camera with me when I take the dog for a walk. I have missed some of the most amazing opportunities to photograph squirrels and wild birds. Today, I actually remembered to take the camera when Alfie and I went on our morning walk. We headed to Cwmdonkin Park, via the leafy lanes, and guess what? Hardly a bird, and not a single squirrel to be seen! I decided to take a few shots in and around the park.

I discovered that it's nigh on impossible to hold the camera steady whilst walking Alfie on his leash. He hates to stop even for a few seconds - unless he wants to sniff something gross at the roadside. So when I stop to take a photo, he starts to bark. When he barks, he gives a little jump up in the air, which means I tend to bounce with him. Bye bye blur-free photos! (I can't let him off the leash because of his sight and hearing problems). This would have been such a nice shot if Sir Barkalot hadn't decided to do his barky-bouncy thing.

Why I tried to photograph this monkey puzzle tree, I don't know. I can never get a decent shot of them, as they're so tall.

I quite like this next shot. It was so dark amongst the trees, I had to use the flash.

Not quite sure why I took this. I think the scene was more eye-catching in real life, rather than on camera.

I took these shots overlooking the bay and Mumbles, from the top of Cwmdonkin Drive. I wanted to photograph 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, birthplace of Dylan Thomas, but it's currently being restored, and has a great big cement mixer in the front garden, so I decided to give it a miss.

For some reason, this shot reminds me a little of photos I've seen of Portmeirion. Looks a little too exotic to be Swansea!

Oh well, that's the morning walk. I'll be posting shots of our evening walk soon - still no squirrels!


Dragonstar said...

Siani, I laughed and laughed at this post! Not about the shy wildlife - that's almost a given when you specifically take your camera - but at your attempts to take photos while attached to a lead! I had no end of trouble like that! In the end I got really good at one-handed rapid snaps while Badger moved around at the end of my left arm. Badger was half-springer, and it was very obvious where the name came from.

Anonymous said...

Here is the picture I mentioned:
That tower - is it on a house of religious. They ran a nursing home and I Xrayed someone there once.
Very steep slope down to St.James or Ffynnone runs past it which used to cycle up on occasion going to school a different way.

LadyBanana said...

I particularly love the 3rd photo down, so dark and moody..