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Friday, September 26, 2008

Land Rover World

Are you a Land Rover owner or enthusiast? Although I don't drive, I've always had a soft spot for Land Rovers. I used to see a lot of them as a child, because I lived in a rural, agricultural area. I was on a bit of a nostalgia trip, when I came across the Land Rover World website.

Land Rover World is a print magazine with something for all Land Rover enthusiasts. It features reviews, accounts of test drives, details about Land Rover shows, and contact details for Land Rover clubs, amongst a lot of other interesting information. The website itself features free Land Rover wallpaper for you to download, and you can also download test reports of all Land Rover models, including the ever-popular Discovery and the Range Rover.

The Land Rover World site also features a list of off-road locations, so that you can put your Land Rover through its paces, without getting into trouble for tearing up the countryside. You can also subscribe online to the print magazine, via a quick and simple online direct debit form. If you love Land Rovers, check out Land Rover World today.

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