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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, my cousin, Wayne, departed this afternoon, after a week's visit. I'm utterly exhausted. As usual, he's eaten me out of house and home and left a trail of destruction in his wake - and any other cliche you can think of. Sorry, not feeling very creative with the keyboard at the moment.

Alfie's snoring next to me, having just been on his evening walk. We went a little early tonight, as the sky started to look rather ominous. If he's expecting another walk later today, he can forget it. It's very windy outside, and it's just started raining. I think the evening tide brought a storm in with it. Let's hope it takes it back out again when the tide turns. 

I hope to be back to normal blogging soon. What with the arrival of Hurricane Wayne, plus my nasty arthritic flare-up, I haven't felt especially inspired as far as blogging is concerned. I hope to start  making my usual blog visits soon, too. Time to sign off for now, though, as my cat, Liberty, has just decided to perch on my shoulder. 

1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

So you need a good long rest now!