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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog nails

I suffered a rude awakening earlier - loud dog barking. '*%@#ing dog', I growled, getting ready to head to the kitchen to give Alfie a ticking off in my best 'you're an evil noisy dog and I hate you' voice, when I realised the culprit was some other mutt, in the street outside. Why do people let their dogs run around? There wasn't an owner in sight. Then again, I guess it could have escaped unknown to the owner.

I noticed Alfie's nails clicking on the ground as I walked him yesterday. I guess it's time to trim his nails. I've read up on how to do this, plus I've been warned by experienced dog-owning friends, not to cut into the quick. As he has white nails, the quick is quite easy to see. But I'm utterly terrified at the prospect, as I've never done it before. I may try sitting him on my lap and bribing him with treats. On the other hand, I may pop out to Pets at Home and get his nails done at their grooming salon, depending on how much it costs. It might help to see it done professionally - I may not be so scared of doing it in future.


Dragonstar said...

It's something I never did - left it to the vet, as Badger had incredibly hard nails and was usually suspicious of outsiders. No idea what the pet place would charge, but it's worth inquiring.

Siani said...

Thanks, Dragonstar :). I just gave Pets at Home a call, and they charge £5 for nail trimming. I can walk him down there and bus it back. For the sake of a fiver, it's not worth getting myself - or the dog - in a state.

Dragonstar said...

That sounds a very good price. It will take a load off your mind, and Alfie will probably enjoy the attention, too.

John said...

Its best to get it done professionally.I know from experience its easy to get it wrong, and then trying to do the next time is more difficult, with the dog alarmed even before you start.

LadyBanana said...

That's not bad £5, definitely worth it for peace of mind!