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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shopping nightmare

I had an embarrassing incident today. I visited a local discount store to pick up some bargains, got to the checkout, presented my credit card, and horror of all horrors, I'd failed to notice the 'cash only' signs hanging above the tills. Worse yet, I didn't have enough money to pay in cash. The shop assistant and the other shoppers gave me such filthy looks, you'd have sworn I'd tried to make off without paying. I was so embarrassed!

After the initial embarrassment wore off, I got quite cross. What sort of business doesn't accept credit cards these days? Even the local corner shop does. The store I was in today is part of a national retail chain. Alas, retailers often think that merchant services will cost them the earth. But at Merchant Warehouse, a retailer is guaranteed the perfect credit card-processing solution for their needs, at the lowest possible price. In fact, Merchant Warehouse staff make regular online checks to make sure they give their clients the lowest prices. I wish the store I was in today had checked them out. It would have saved me from having a red face!


Liz said...

How embarrassing! I never have much cash on me so I'd have been stuck too.

Daisy said...

Nowadays everybody pays for everything with credit cards. Even little stuff! It is much faster that way, too. Sorry they made you feel embarrassed. Did you have to go in another line, or did they at least accept your card?