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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More on fenphedra

One thing I really appreciate, when I discover new diet products, are the independent review sites that weigh up all the pros and cons of various weight loss pills. My recent research into a product called fenphedra, has led me to one such review site. It describes, in great detail, not just the constituent ingredients of fenphedra, but also, the effects of those ingredients. Such a site allows a would-be purchaser to make an informed decision before they purchase.

One thing I really like about this review site, is the way it explains how a substance called Neuropeptide Y plays a big role in weight gain. The review points out that fenphedra contains Humulus Lupulus, which is derived from hops, and is rich in flavonoids. Legitimate research has been carried, and the results suggest that Humulus Lupulus can help to suppress high levels of Neuropeptide Y, thereby promoting weight loss.

I also like the honesty of this site. It pulls no punches in describing fenphedra as being fairly costly, whilst at the same determining it to be a pretty effective product. If you're thinking of trying fenphedra, click the link above to check out this thorough and frank review.

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