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Friday, August 29, 2008

Little beggar

Alfie, my Cavalier King Charles spaniel, is a little beggar. Obviously, his previous owner did nothing to discourage him. I can't eat a thing, without him developing the most pathetic, pleading expression ever. Not really sure how to deal with this, other than totally ignoring him. The ignoring isn't working yet, but I'm hoping he will eventually take the hint.

I can understand why people end up giving in to a begging dog. They just look so pitiful. But Alfie's had his eyes cleaned and treated, a nice walk, a hearty breakfast, lots of fuss, his steroid pill, and a tasty conditioning pill or two, so as far as I'm concerned, he's got nothing to look pathetic about. I'll just have to keep telling myself I know better than he does, and that I'm being kind to him by denying him human food, not mean. He was after my fruit and nut chocolate yesterday. So I said, 'Alfie, you're very welcome to a nice big chunk - over my dead body! It's poison, love. Get it? P-O-I-S-O-N!' He looked back as if to say, 'so? gimme some'. Not a chance!

He even begs when I have a coffee. I've tried offering him water, but he just looks back as if to say, 'no. Cappuccino, please'. I've been told to feed him three quarters of a mug, twice daily, of his special dry food, moistened with warm water. I guess this is enough for him. But he always seems to be on the scrounge for more food. Maybe it's just something all dogs do? I'd hate to think he's genuinely hungry.


Dragonstar said...

This, I'm afraid, is a doggy thing! If you're having it, then it must be good for dogs too.
You're right, chocolate is definitely poison for dogs. You could try him with a few "chocolate" drops for dogs as a special treat.
he's not hungry, just hopeful!

Anonymous said...

It's a dog thing. They always look hungry which is why we worried so much about Badger - she stopped eating. Horrors.
As long as he doesn't leap on your lap while eating.
We always fed them after the midday meal so they learned to expect food after we'd eaten. They had food after coming in and before going out at night.
They never slept in unless it was bitterly cold and stormy, otherwise they had their kennel.