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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The doggy

Well, I met Clancy yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression he was really decrepit and doddery. In fact, despite being neglected by his previous owner, he's very lively. I suspect he may be younger than 10. The RSPCA have had difficulty determining his age, because he was never exercised, and has lost muscle mass as a result. Also, he suffers from a dry eye condition that was left untreated for a long time, which has damaged his sight. Both these conditions could make him appear a lot older than he really is. I suspect he's more like 7-8, but I'm no expert.

I spent some time alone with him, and took him for a walk along a country trail. He loved it. Don't think he was impressed with my lack of lead skills, though - I kept tangling him up. I'd been given one of those rover leads, and found it hard to manage. Although his coordination seems a little bit off when he's just standing around, when he gets going, he really does get going! He does pull quite a bit on the lead, but I know how to deal with that. Plus he only weights eight kilos, so having him pull on the lead is a lot more tolerable than being dragged down the road by a fifty kilo Rottweiler.

I'm pleased that he can manage a fairly good walk. I'm a little bit concerned that he doesn't appear to be neutered, but he apparently has no interest in girl dogs. I forgot to ask about boy dogs! He's an incredibly happy little dog, considering he's had such a hard life. His tail doesn't stop wagging. Oh - and the good news is that Swansea Housing Association have granted me permission to keep him. So it's up to the RSPCA to decide now, whether they think I'm a fit doggy mummy or not! If so, Rhossili here we come...

1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

Wonderful news Siani! Sounds like a birthday well-spent. Fingers crossed now for a good report from the RSPCA.