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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doggy day is here!

Picking the doggy up in a couple of hours. My poor cats have no idea. They'll be so peeved! Just realised I have a minor cash flow problem until tomorrow, thanks to some direct debits leaving my account several days early. So I hope the RSPCA don't expect too huge a donation from me! Luckily, there's no adoption fee to pay. I've (ever so) slightly over-spent buying new doggy bits. OK, so I spent a small fortune on him. Oh well. It's about time someone did, poor bloke. Back later, to let you all know how he's settling.

Oh, just one more thing. Do I continue to call him Clancy? Or shall I rename him Alfie? He probably won't notice the difference, as he's very hard of hearing. What do you reckon? Clancy or Alfie? Hang on, I'll add a poll.


Anonymous said...

I'd be inclined to call him Charles, Charlie or Chas. The second would have the advantage of sounding similar to the original.
Badger was often Badge, Badgie or even Nuffkin.
Good luck.

Dragonstar said...

Bank Holidays tend to do that to financial places - they'd rather be early than late!

Whatever you call your new friend, he'll come to your voice and touch. You can even call him "Hey You" and he won't mind as long as you do it with love! Choose a name you're comfortable with.

Siani said...

Thanks, folks. Much appreciated. Coming to think of it, my cats answer to many other names besides their own. In fact, I'm sure Leo thinks his real name is 'Little Sh*t'.

Daisy said...

I am so excited for you! And for Clancy! I think you should name him a name that you love. He won't mind whatever you call him.