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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Counting the days ...

I'm counting the days until my new baby arrives. Not that I'm pregnant, I hasten to add. I'm referring, of course, to this lovely little guy. Click the pic to get a better look at him.

I had my letter of permission from Swansea Housing Association today, confirming I can keep him. All I need now is for the RSPCA to approve me. I'm worried that the amount of steps, both inside and outside the premises, may prove my undoing, as little Clancy, hopefully soon to be Alfie, isn't in the best of health. That said, I'm more than happy to give him a lift up and down any steps, and I can gate the stairs off indoors, if there was a likelihood he might hurt himself. The little fellow only weighs 8 kg at the moment, bless him, so he'd hardly be a burden.

I'm trying to compile a list of what I need to get for him. Food, obviously, and feeding bowls, a collar and lead, his eye drops, a bed (I've already got a nice, fleecy pet blanket he can have), a grooming brush, a poop scoop and bags - have I missed anything? I doubt he's interested in toys, although he might like something soft to snuggle up with.

Be warned, though. If the doggy moves in with me, this blog will be filled with pleas for doggy advice for many months to come.


Dragonstar said...

This sounds so good! I do hope things go well for you and Clancy/Alfie.

Dragonstar said...

Siani love, you're not at all selfish. Dogs are lovely people, and they don't know the meaning of that word. I'm really happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy to help if poss' - just say the word.
Hang on to 'Monochromania' - I am going to use the URL for Loose Ends.