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Friday, July 11, 2008

Weight loss pills?

Have any of you lovely readers tried weight loss pills? If so, did they work, and which ones did you use? I've tried a few in the past, and had success with one type, but it was later withdrawn, as it was found to have some nasty side effects. I also tried another type but they made me feel ill. I hasten to add that both types were prescribed for me by my GP.

I've tried the good old fashioned way of losing weight - calorie counting and exercise - and it was very effective. Trouble is, I'm good at the calorie-counting side of things, but can't take much exercise, because of my health problems. And thanks to the recent atrocious weather, I've put on a few pounds, as I can't take my regular walks. Oh well, I may have to try some more weight loss pills. Trouble is, it's really hard to work out which ones are both effective and safe, as there are so many weight loss products on the market these days. I'm currently checking out the advice on in the hope of finding something that suits me. Of course, I wouldn't try anything without my doctor's approval.


Dragonstar said...

No experience to share, I'm afraid. I was prescribed them when I was a child, but all I remember was being unhappy because I had no appetite! Wouldn't mind mind that now though!!! I'd be very glad to hear of anything you come up with.

Anonymous said...

the ephedrine/aspirin/caffeine stack is a cheap way to go - i know loads of people who have dropped loads of weight on this.