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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not a bad day!

I've had quite a fruitful day today, despite the vile, wet weather. I had an early appointment this morning, after which I found myself at a bit of a loose end in town. So I hopped on a bus to Morrisons. I ended up with a fair few bargains. I bought two packs of my beloved Nescafe Cappuccino sachets for £3 - they're normally £2.28 each. I then got two six-packs of Muller Corners for £2. They're normally £2.89 per six-pack in Tesco, or £2 for four individual pots. For non-Brits - I bought two six-packs of yogurt, with crunchy chocolatey bits, not two six-packs of beer!

I also got a lovely, hand painted, rustic-looking clock, shaped like a mother cat and two kittens, for just £2.99. If I can find the serial port adapter for my mouse, I'll take some pics of my little clock and post them - I really like it. Trouble is, Godzilla (my ancient PC) only has two USB ports, and no Ethernet connection, so the USB ports are occupied by my mouse and cable modem.

After dropping off my shopping at home, I headed back out to town, to make the most of my day ticket. I was on a mission - to buy a light summer coat. I didn't have one, just heavy winter coats, which are far too warm to wear comfortably at this time of year. After a bit of traipsing, I found a nice, black, three-quarter length trench coat, but it was £68. I wasn't prepared to plunder that much money from my laptop fund, and resigned myself to roasting to death every time it rains.

Then, I headed for Tesco. Lo and behold! What did I see? Hanging up in the clothing department, looking all sad and lonely, was a black, three-quarter length trench coat, almost identical to the one I saw but couldn't afford. 'I bet it's a size 8', I thought. But it wasn't. I won't say what size it was, but it was a size smaller than I normally take. 'Oh well', I thought, and grabbed it to try it on anyway. Guess what? It was a perfect fit. I braced myself for the hefty price tag. Imagine my delight when it was only £25. Okay, so it's not haute couture, but it's a classic design, black's never out of fashion, and the coat is now hanging up in my wardrobe. £25 is a far nicer price than £68, and there's hardly a difference between the two coats. I suspect that coat knew I was on my way and waited for me!

Anyway, that's my pleasant, if rather unexciting day. How has your day been?


LadyBanana said...

You've been having rain?! Over here in London it's been very very hot and humid - nice if not having to rush around to work!

Dragonstar said...

So you had a really nice day, in spite of the weather. Nothing nicer than saving money yet still coming home with lots of goodies!