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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camera Critters

I've decided to give Camera Critters a try for the first time. I found some pics on a CD, of some shots I salvaged from my laptop, just before it finally died on me. As you will have seen in a previous post, I visited the National History Museum at St. Fagan's, near Cardiff, a couple of months ago. Shortly after entering the extensive grounds of this unique museum, I encountered this large black cat, and got two critters for the price of one. Note the mouse or baby rat in his mouth.

After walking around the grounds for a while, trying to locate a recently restored medieval church, I encountered some pigs rooting around in a patch of very muddy woodland, adjacent to the church. Despite my best efforts to get this sow to pose for a shot, she completely ignored me and kept on sifting through the mud with her snout, looking for some tasty roots and shoots. I even tried yelling 'apple sauce' at her, but she continued to treat me as a non-entity.

Click here if you fancy taking part in Camera Critters, hosted by Misty. Have a nice, peaceful Sunday!


Kerri said...

Neat shots! Glad you joined in on the fun!

That cat sure is BIG....maybe one too many mice for him :)

Anonymous said...

St. Fagans provided two themes - a rich hunting ground.
I think that is the first pig I have seen on here.
The cat has that 'don't bother me' look. Love black cats.

Dragonstar said...

That's a very handsome cat! And obviously a working one as well. Shame about the pig. Heaven in Belgium has been visiting the Belgian version of St Fagans - fascinating!

i beati said...

fat cat for sure interesting sandyu

Greyscale Territory said...

Love both shots, but I think the slink you captured on the catis quite remarkable!

Lilli & Nevada said...

what a pretty cat, and i feel sad for the poor mouse
nice pig

Misty Dawn said...

Hehehe you always make me giggle. These are cool pics, and I'm truly honored you participated in Camera-Critters.

Please forgive me for not visiting, my friend. Working three jobs has caused me to be unable to find the time (and energy) to do all the things I WANT to do.

fishing guy said...

Siani: What an usual combination of critters, God certainly made an abundance of them.

Christy said...

These are some nice shots. I love the couch photo in your next post though very very cute.