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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Would you pay to receive calls?

I've just read this article, which suggests we Brits, and other Europeans, may have to pay to receive calls on our mobiles (cell phones), thanks to measures currently being considered by the European Parliament. As the article appears in the Daily Mirror, I sincerely hope it's not true. But if it is, I'll be dumping my phone.

I receive more calls than I make, so my call charges would rocket. The thinking behind this proposed move, apparently, is that such a charge would make the cost of making calls cheaper. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't see why my bill for moderate usage should sky-rocket, just because some people choose to spend hours gassing away on their phones. Or because someone decides they have to speak to me there and then, rather than waiting a short while until I'm home, where they can call on my land line. If this brain-fart of the European Parliament is ever implemented, it will definitely be a case of bye-bye phone for me. I managed quite happily without one until ten years ago, so no doubt, I'll manage again.

Would you be happy to pay to receive calls?


Anonymous said...

This sort of thing is what made us say NO.

Dragonstar said...

If this happened I'd leave my phone off most of the time, switching on only if I needed to text or expected some urgent news. It's bad enough to suffer the charges for Roaming (the border is maybe 50 miles away, and we drive over to pick up visitors) but I wouldn't put up with extras as standard. They charge too much anyway.

Chris Elphick said...

I hate making and receiving calls - I certainly wouldn't pay to accept one unless it was an emergency. I only use my phone for texts (and photos).

LadyBanana said...

Absolutely NO WAY!

That's a ridiculous idea and I'm sure most people would be furious!