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Monday, June 23, 2008

I hate cleaning!

I hate cleaning with a vengeance. Heck, I hate cleaning with anything! It seems such a horrible waste of a day. I mean, why spend time cleaning that could be spent lounging around on the beach instead? Oh yeah, that's right. No cleaning equals a dirty home and nasty pongs. Not good.

My biggest objection to cleaning is the fact that most of the mess isn't mine, but caused by my two naughty cats. Leo throws his food around everywhere, especially his biscuits. He likes to evict the green, vegetable-flavoured ones from his bowl. Liberty feels obliged to tunnel towards Australia every time she uses her litter, leaving mounds of it all over the floor. Of course, they sometimes help with the cleaning, too, by licking up anything tasty that gets spilled on the kitchen floor.

This morning was no different. I got up to the usual hideous mess. I used to have one of those little handheld vacuum cleaner things, which made light work of the cleaning up. Sadly, I made the mistake of buying a cheap brand. It conked out. So, I now have to do it the good old-fashioned way, with a pan and brush. Ugh! Too much like hard work. But not for much longer. I have my eye on a lovely, sparkly new Dirt Devil. I can't decide between the Accucharge Stick Vac or the Accucharge Hand Vac. What do you reckon?


Whichever one I get, not only will it save me a lot of time and energy, but it will also lower my carbon footprint, as the Dirt Devil Accucharge cleaners are the first handheld ones to earn Energy Star approval. They use 70% less energy than standard handheld cleaners, and I'm sure I'll be expending at least 70% less personal energy using one of them, instead of the pan and brush. Now, if only cats could be trained to use a Dirt Devil...

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1 comment:

LadyBanana said...

I have a handheld Dirt Devil, it's brilliant for doing the stairs and for quick cleanups...