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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bling Gnome!

Hey there! Any of you guys n' gals fancy playing the online video game Dungeon Runners? If you do, not only will you meet the hilarious Bling Gnomes, but you can also enter the "Pimp Your Gnome" contest. OMG! Did I really say 'pimp' on a family-friendly blog? Pretend I didn't! Anyway, about this contest - it gives you a chance of five minutes of fame, a free copy of the new game, as well as a $350 Best Buy Gift Card. To win this great prize, all you have to do is bling up one of your ornamental gnomes, by dressing pimp-style (I said that word again!), or dress yourself up as a Bling Gnome. Then take some shots of your Bling Gnome, or yourself dressed as one. You need shots from at least two different angles. And don't forget to visit to download a free game, subscribe or find out more.

Sorry? What was that? Oh - what is a Bling Gnome? Well, try to imagine a blinged up version of a garden gnome, but with super-powers and attitude. And he's naughty - but nice. He'll follow you around when you play the online Dungeon Runners game, and will pick up any bits of gold you miss or can't get to.

The Bling Gnome will also retrieve dropped items that are classed at the Rare level of availability and below - any object that isn't rainbow-hued or purple - and will merrily swallow them. By doing so, he converts them into gold. That way, you don't have to waste time lugging them around and selling them when you return to Townston. So exactly how does he convert these items into gold? Well, when he eats them, he then poops them back out as gold. Yes, I did say 'poops'. It's hilarious watching a big, gold cloud burst forth from his bottom! His rear end can also produce some pretty nifty tools and tricks to help you defeat the bad guys. God, I wish my cats could poop out gold - I'd never complain about changing the litter ever again!

Anyway, why not pop along and enjoy the free game? And don't forget to enter the cool contest.


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