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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby boy name meanings

Is there something in the air at the moment? I'm surprised at how many people I know, both online, and in my everyday life, who are expecting a new arrival in the next few months. One of my friends, who is expecting a baby boy in September, turned up at my house in a bit of a stew the other night. She was in the middle of surfing around the Internet, looking for baby name sites, when her Internet connection died. Her hubby was too busy watching football to do anything about it, so she left him to it.

Now, my friend is more than a little bit superstitious, and wants to give her son a name with a good, positive meaning. Her husband likes the name Damien, but it just reminds my friend of that evil child in The Omen movie. She likes the name Harry, but hubby thinks it's an old man's name! So, we spent a long time on Tuesday evening, looking up baby boy name meanings, to ensure her son gets a decent name that suits both parents. Current favourites are Jack, Calum and Matthew. My friend is determined that she will be the one to register the birth, otherwise the poor baby will end up with a middle name like Beckham or Rooney, given hubby's love of football. Here's hoping Jack Calum Matthew Harry Damien Beckham Rooney Jones arrives nice and safely!

1 comment:

Linden said...

I like Calum and Jack. Matthew is very common these days.

Could you give a mention, please, to John Noel who is missing on Gower? (See my blog.) I'd be grateful if you could. I know his daughter.