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Friday, June 06, 2008

Allergies and toiletries

No, this isn't a sponsored post! Just me wittering on in my usual vein. Just out of curiosity, do any of you suffer bad reactions to everyday toiletries and cleaning products? I'm thinking especially of washing-up liquid for dishes, bubble bath and shower gels. I've started having the most hideous reactions to some of these products recently. I've had everything from itching to full-blown rashes, some in very sensitive and unmentionable places. The hardest part of this problem, for me, is finding hypo-allergenic toiletries that don't cost the earth.

As far as toiletries go, I've made a wonderful discovery - something that the mums amongst you probably know all about. Baby toiletries are almost always hypo-allergenic. I've now kitted myself out with some gorgeous, lavender-scented baby bath - Boots' own brand, which is currently on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. I've also bought some Johnson's baby body wash. And guess what? Not an itch or rash in sight. Yay!

Another problem I have, is that my hands don't like soap, especially the kind found in cleaning products. Well, to my delight, I found a washing up liquid for sensitive skin yesterday - in Tesco of all places. It's called Surcare, and is actually cheaper than some of the big brand regular washing up liquids.

How many of you share similar problems? What products do you use to avoid having bad skin reactions? I'd be grateful for any recommendations, as I'm worried my problems could get worse, not better.


Aileni said...

Since leaving the island I started suffering from Urticaria - Hives across the water - and I reacted quite violently against the kind of toiletries the two elder boys wear. The worst culprit was Lynx.
I have to use baby shampoo because my brow reacts badly. Seems I have too much histamine.
Anyway, I sympathise with you.

LadyBanana said...

I have to be very careful what I use "downstairs" and found the best to be Boots Intimate care wash.. it's a kind of squirty foamy stuff..

Siani said...

Aileni, some of the toiletries I've used lately made me look like I'd fallen into a hive. Vile stuff.

Ladybanana - I know what you mean. I use a similar squirty foam by Femfresh. Might have a look for the Boots one as it's bound to be cheaper.