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Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Pillows

I took a break from my writing earlier, to browse the Internet for ideas for personalized gifts, something the recipient could treasure for a very long time. I came across a website where you can buy a photo pillow personalized to your very own design, with images of your own choice. Can you imagine a pillow personalized with photographs of your little ones? Or a pillow bearing a photograph of your beloved pet? Imagine how delighted your friend or relative would be to receive such a pillow? I doubt there's a grandma in the world who wouldn't love a pillow decorated with images of her grandchildren.

The pillows come in a variety of designs and layouts. You have a choice of one all-over image, four images, or a collage made of twelve of your favorite images. Just how cool is that? If you're looking for a unique, stylish and highly personalized gift for someone special in your life, click the link above and browse on over to Vision Bedding.

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