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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heads or Tails Tuesday - Any Tom, Dick or Harry

Despite my computer woes, I've decided to battle on this week, and get back into the swing of blogging, participating in my usual weekly memes. Skittles, a.k.a. Barb, is the host of Heads or Tails Tuesday. If you want to take part, click the logo above.

This week's theme is 'Any Tom, Dick or Harry'. Well, I don't know anyone called Harry, and the only Tom I know should have been called Dick, if you catch my drift. I had an uncle called Dick, who sadly passed away about twelve years ago, but I didn't know him that well, so I can't really write about him, either. So what to do?

Well, 'Tom' doesn't have to be someone's name, does it? It could be an abbreviation of 'tomato', or it could be a male cat. On the subject of male cats, here's demon kitty, my tom, Leo. And yes, that is one of my make-up brushes he's eating.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of some of the problems I have with this tom cat. He bites, he scratches, and is the most goddam insolent cat I've ever known. Tell him off for anything (jumping on the table or the kitchen work surfaces, stealing food, scratching the furniture, dragging the table linen off the dining table, etc) and he will spin around, fix you with the most baleful glare imaginable, and yowl at you. This is no Lolcat!

If he was a full tom, I might understand some of his aggression. But he's been snipped. Maybe that's the reason for his aggression - revenge! No matter who you are, whether you're royalty, or any old Tom, Dick or Harry, cross this fellow and you'll feel his wrath. Wrath, in this instance, is shorthand for 'bloody great claws and huge, whopping fangs'. Anyone want a cat? You're welcome to him, but I'd have to check you out first, because despite his evil ways, I wouldn't send him off to live with any old Tom, Dick or Harry. Yeah, that was a bit lame - but so am I, after all the times that evil cat has shredded my legs.

Happy Tuesday!


Skittles said...

Thanks for plowing ahead despite your computer problems, especially on this week with a hard theme!!!

That beautiful Leo is a terror??? Ok, so I overlooked the eating the makeup brush. LOL!

Raven said...

No matter how naughty, stinky, loud or otherwise irritating they are, our cats just steal our hearts don't they? Your Leo looks much like my Tara Grace. She is a tiny thing; she's a rescue and her growth was severely stunted. Full grown she is only 5 pounds. She looks and moves like a ballerina and then she opens her mouth and oh, my...

Inspiration Alley said...

What a beautiful cat and a great original take on the prompt.