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Sunday, May 04, 2008

A glimmer of hope!

I've just found a specialist laptop repair shop that buys broken laptops. Apparently, they pay quite good money, too. Most of the components on my dead laptop are good, bar a few burnt out motherboard chips. So I'm going to call them on Monday for a quote on how much they think poor, deceased Lucretia is worth. The repair shop is in London's East End, but that's no problem. My cousin, Wayne, is coming to stay for a few days this week, and he lives just a couple of miles from the shop. So after I've spoken to the people at the shop, he'll be taking Lucretia to her final resting place, getting a cheque for the value of her good components, and sending it on to me. I don't suppose it'll be any more than £50-75, but it will get me £50-75 nearer a new laptop. This is the one I have my eye on. You can read the technical details here. I may decide on a totally different machine after shopping around for a bit. But whatever I get - it will NOT be an Acer!

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