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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beat the credit crunch! (SP)

Are you disillusioned with your current banking arrangements? Fed up of getting little return on your savings? Maybe the credit crunch is biting hard, and you're looking to switch checking accounts? Well, before you do anything hasty, pop along to It's a personal finance site that monitors banks and credit unions across the United States, to inform you of the best checking account, savings account and CD rates.

Currently, holds details of checking accounts offering annual percentage yields of up to 6%. Some of the savings accounts offer an annual percentage yield of 4%. All the accounts listed are offered by federally insured credit unions and banks - something to give you peace of mind. The site is very easy to navigate, and you can even subscribe to the RSS feed, which will give you fast access to information about the newest offers. Essentially, helps you make informed decisions about your finances, which could make you big savings, in these times of recession. If you want to make the most of whatever money you have, pay a visit to, and find yourself the best deal on checking, savings or CD accounts.

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