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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fighting Lucretia

I've been fighting all day with Lucretia. That's my (not so) pet name for my evil laptop. I've been knocked offline more times than YouTube in China. I've managed to buy myself a little time by taping the power cable to the body of the laptop. Well, I say 'taping', except I have no tape. So I've used the sticky labels I keep in a kitchen drawer for labelling spices, frozen foods, etc. At least I'm innovative. If the crew of Apollo 11 could fix a broken transformer with a ballpoint pen, what's wrong with me repairing my laptop with sticky labels? So, for as long as my sticky labels hold, I'm online. I'll be happy even if they hold just long enough to get the battery fully charged.

Sadly, I've missed Heads or Tails, which I fully intended participating in this week. I'd best prepare the rest of this week's memes whilst I have Lucretia up and running. I've also started a new weight loss blog. It's private at the moment, for my eyes only, just as a private log of my efforts, with a few helpful widgets in the sidebar. I may make it public. But not yet. Anyway, that's all for now. Sorry to be so boring. Blame Lucretia.

1 comment:

Misty Dawn said...

Darnit Lucretia! Straighten your act up! hehe