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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snoring monster and laptop woes

I thought my laptop had fixed itself a couple of days ago. It worked perfectly for about three days, then it started its nonsense again. It's going in to be repaired next week, hopefully. Once good thing, though. I found out why I couldn't connect to the Internet whilst it's on battery power. The Acer power management software disables the wireless card by default, to save power. So it's just a question of clicking a button or two to enable it. Oddly enough, the laptop seems to stay connected to the mains power when the lid is closed. But the instant the hard drive boots up, the vibration starts the problem off again.

I've been awake since 04.45, thanks to two hungry cats, and my cousin snoring and snorting in the next room like a rutting warthog. He's sleeping on an air bed, and I've half a mind to go in there and kick him up the ass, just to get him to shut up. I've never known anyone snort like that. His last partner dumped him because of the snoring!

On the subject of the air bed, old Lazy Bones was lolling around on it last night, when we were watching TV, and he's one of the worst fidgeters ever. Well, he managed to fidget the air bed right on to a sharp edge of one of my speaker stands. The next thing I hear is a massive hissing noise. Yep, the bed got torn. So he goes into screaming queen mode, fussing and panicking about how it was destroyed beyond repair and shrieking about having nowhere to sleep. As he screamed, I very calmly located a scissors, some glue and one of those clear plastic wallets for keeping documents clean. I snipped a square off the document wallet, and glued it over the hole, whilst my cousin shrieked and fussed: 'there's no f***ing point, it's f***ing ruined, I'll have to buy you a new one', etc. By the time he'd finished squawking, I had the puncture repaired, and it's now fully inflated again. He's obviously very comfortable on it, because old Waynie Warthog [or Waynus the Anus, as I call him when I'm annoyed with him] is shaking the house to its foundations and rafters with his godawful snoring!

Anyway, that's all for now. More inane ramblings [and hopefully, some interesting pics] soon.


Anonymous said...

My actor friend did just snore, he thought he was on stage I think and projected ! Maddening.
The laptop sounds more hopeful than before. Hope the repair doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Dragonstar said...

And this is why so many women decide against marriage!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my - get yourself some of those anti-snoring strips... or make him sleep outside or something ;-)