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Friday, February 15, 2008

What's up with Blogger?

Anyone know why Blogger is so messed up? First of all, the spellcheck function died. Several people have had blog layout problems. Also, Blogger users who have more than one sidebar, have lost the horizontal scroll bar in the layout screen, leaving their right-hand widget column chopped off, like this:

If all that isn't bad enough, I'm now getting error messages when I try to comment on other people's blogs - the dreaded '404 Page Not Found' message. Get your act together, Blogger, before I (and countless others) abandon you.

BTW, if you have a three column blog layout which has been cut off by the lack of a scroll bar, there is a workaround. You may not be able to click the edit buttons of the widgets in the right hand column, but you can still drag the widgets over to the left hand column. Once they're there, you can edit them like any other widget. Once done, return them to the right hand column and save your changes. A pain in the butt, I know, but at least it means you can still edit your layout, until Blogger sorts this mess out.


daryl e said...

I have to say Google often ignores its users .. knock wood so far my only Google issues are with the message boards which make me want to scream .. try contacting them to learn why things dont work but dont hold your breath for an answer .. you'll get a response but it will be a form response with no bearing on your quest for help.

Paulie said...

Today, I thought no one had come to comment on my Friday Sky Watch and I went to blogger to see what I could do. Arriving at the dashboard, I had 27 comments ready to be moderated. I usually get a notice in email. Not today. Another friend has noen in her email either. I think Blogger was better before Google bought it out.