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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brynmill Park

Please note: I meant to upload large images, but I've somehow ended up with medium ones instead. To see the pics at their best, click each one to see a larger version.

I had a lovely late afternoon/early evening walk yesterday. It was made all the more pleasant by the mega-expensive walking boots I bought at the end of last week. I'd been saving for weeks for my boots, which were originally £89.99 - about $180 US. To my delight, when I popped into Milletts to get them - they were reduced to £59.99 - around $120 US. They're probably the most expensive footwear I've ever bought, but with my arthritis and back trouble - they're a worthwhile investment.

Anyway, back to my walk. I strolled the mile or two from my home to Brynmill Park, and then across the road into Singleton Park. From Singleton Park, I headed to the seafront, where I had a pleasant but chilly walk along the beach, and witnessed a gorgeous sunset. I took some bread with me to Brynmill Park, to feed the ducks and swans, but most of it got eaten by seagulls and pigeons.

When I first stopped at the lakeside, this swan came to greet me. I think it's a Whooper swan. Or is it a Bewick's swan? Does anyone know the difference? They look the same to me. Whatever it was, it turned its beak up at my bread. For some bizarre reason, I named this pic 'goose'!

The park has recently undergone a much-needed revamp, and looks much better for it. But I'm sure it used to have a greater variety of waterfowl on its lake. Apart from a single swan, several pairs of mallard, some coot and about a billion seagulls, I saw no other species on the water.

The sun was starting to dip, and the shadows were lengthening when I got to the park - my favourite time of the day.

I suggest clicking this next image to see this shot properly. The moon looks ever so pretty against the baby-blue sky.

You can see some of the houses that line the road alongside the park in this shot, just peeping through the trees.

I took a final couple of shots around the lake, before heading off towards the park's Brynmill Lane exit.

As I neared the exit, I paused to take a shot of this carved wooden mushroom. I'd seen a few of them dotted around the park earlier. I think it's very innovative to turn dead tree stumps into decorations.

Shortly afterwards, I left the park, and crossed the road into Singleton Park, for the next leg of my walk. I'm saving those pics for another post, which will be up soon.


Jeremy said...

Nice photos of Brynmill Park, which I agree has had a nice revamp.
The two pinioned swans in Brynmill are Whoopers, which are the same size as the common-or-garden Mute Swans. Bewick`s Swans are quite a bit smaller. There were seven of them when I first came to Swansea in 2000, the others being this pair`s offspring. They were not wing-clipped, and so flew off - or so a park-keeper told me.

Dragonstar said...

Lovely shots, Siani! I hope those boots stay comfortable for you. Good footwear is so important - and you really got a bargain there!

I like that mushroom. So much more decorative than a stump. And I was looking at that moon myself yesterday, thinking how beautiful it looked.

Anonymous said...

We are pretty sure this is a Bewick judging by the beak.
To think you can see one in the middle of town, so to speak.They are very snooty re humans. They apparently accepted grain at Slimbridge. Iguess you were lucky to get it to approach you.
Nice to see the park looking good - it got very rough.


I love the park pictures.
Very pretty.

Happy Tuesday