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Friday, February 15, 2008

The ads on this blog

I'm getting complaints about having ads on my blog. I've rejected a number of comments lately, which have included such complaints. Please let me make my position perfectly clear.

I have a minimal amount of ads at the top of my blog, which take up about the same amount of space, or less, than the average blog header images. One of the so-called ads is simply a graphic link to one of my other blogs, Strange Days. I think I'm allowed to promote my own work, right?

So far, my ads have earned me very little. Not even enough for a payout yet. But in a short while, they should reach payout level, and allow me to recover some of the costs associated with a couple of my online ventures.

I'm sorry if my ads offend some of you. But I only use Google and Amazon - nothing sleazy or disreputable. There are no porn pop-ups or banner ads booby-trapped with malware. It probably takes less than half a second to scroll past them. For those visitors who do consider them a severe annoyance - you should see some blogs and sites, with their flashing banners, Flash ads, squawking banners, etc.

Sorry if I sound a bit disgruntled, but this is my personal space, which I do my best to make as welcoming as possible. Although people are entitled to their opinions, I feel that the gripes about my minimal number of ads is not only unjustified, but a little out of order. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to work, or have a partner who supports us. Those of us who don't, have to make ends meet however we can. Anyway, enough said. I know most of you lovely people really couldn't care less about the ads, because they're far outweighed by original content. Thanks for listening :).


Sandy Carlson said...

We all do what we have to do. I appreciate that your ads are visible as ads. I prefer that to investing my time in reading a blog post that is an ad in drag. You're honest.

I often wonder about the bloggers who feel the need to stop and opine rather than simply move on to some blog that suits them. They are emotional vampires.

Scrolling down is no sacrifice to getting to your very fine work.

Daisy said...

Those ads do not bother me one bit! I am relieved to see that the missing scrollbar is a blogger problem and not just something I wrecked on my own blog because I was getting worried.

Misty Dawn said...

I can't believe anyone would have the nerve to complain about your ads! First, this is YOUR blog! Second, I find your ads unobtrusive. Siani, you have a fantastic blog and you are a fantastic person - don't let anyone tell you different!

Anonymous said...

This is your blog, you do exactly what you want! Your ads are far, far less invasive than some I've seen recently. Please, pay no attention to moaners, and carry on as you see fit.

leslie said...

I hadn't even noticed the ads cuz I was so interested in reading the posts. I'll just have to go and take a look at them! People should MYOB, as my mother used to say. ;D

LadyBanana said...

It's ridiculous people have complained! Your blog ads are perfectly unobtrusive..

Some blogs we come across are quite revolting they seem to be just ads..those complainers can go and complain elsewhere!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Since I have started using AdBlock for Firefox I haven't been seeing any ads.It has made my internet experience 100% better.

Siani said...

Thanks for the support, everyone. I truly appreciate it. Sorry for taking so long to comment. I've been a bit useless on the commenting business lately!