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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Funny Signs

I feel really crabby and miserable today. I'm prone to bouts of depression anyway, but I think I may now also be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, thanks to the weeks upon weeks of miserable, cold, grey and wet weather we've been having. So for today's Thursday Thirteen, instead of spreading my misery to all and sundry, I've come up with some pics I hope will spread a little cheer. Here's my selection of thirteen funny signs. Some of them are a little bit naughty, so look away if you don't like naughty. Don't worry, there's no nudity, nasty words, etc - the rudest word is 'fart'. Now where did I leave my Prozac?

1.... Is this legal to advertize on a road sign?

2.... And the British government denies it has a security leak!

3.... Since when did anyone mention George W. Bush and brain in the same sentence?

4.... Kind of makes me want to stick with home-cooked chili.

5.... Do they do coats as well?

6.... I prefer chucken to dick.

7.... Is Sherrill's a vegetarian place by any chance?

8.... Surely this punishment is more appropriate for the kind of offence mentioned in the next sign?

9.... I always said he had a shifty look about him!

10... Don't forget the Derbac!

11... I always thought it was wrong to speak ill of the deceased.

12... I'm glad I attended a more traditional school!

13... I hope Skip has a good therapist.

Oh well, that's my Thursday Thirteen for this week. Happy Thursday!

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fullbodytransplant said...

I love this stuff. I saw one that said "Woody's teak sandwiches" once, but I didn't have my camera!

Daisy said...

I cannot wait to see the secret nuclear bunker!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh, have mercy! Thanks for the happy shot today...hope you feel better soonest. Happy Thursday!

MondaythroughSunday said...

LOL..thanks for the laugh!

Tiffany Aller said...

I'm laughing my butt off - great signs. I hope your weather gets out of the doldrums, soon. I do not know much about seasonal affective disorder, but I do know that personally, I'm gloomy and depressed when it's wet and dreary, and happy and perky when it's hot and sunny, so I can commisserate a bit. Happy Thursday!

shilohwalker said...

ohhhhhhh... those are

Dragonstar said...

Oh Siani, what a great collection!

So sorry about the S.A.D. - it's thoroughly unpleasant. Did you know Amazon do daylight bulbs at a fairly decent price? They might help. Full S.A.D. lights cost a fortune!

Mishelle said...

Those are FUNNY!

FRIGGA said...

I don't like the bashing of the President - but the rest were funny!

Happy TT :-)

Danielle said...

Those are all so wonderfully hilarious!!!!

Was that cleaner in Arizona? Is that where Monica took her dress??! LOL

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Siani. I'm sorry that you're feeling down lately. I wish that you'll have better days ahead. Take care and thanks for visiting.

Regarding your TT, I don't think I've seen anything like that around here. Some are quite funny.

vixensden said...

Those are really, really funny. I am so glad you shared, because it brightened my day.

Hope you feel a better soon!

the teach said...

Wonderful signs, Siani! A lot of work for a great TT post! :)

AJ Chase said...

Absolutely hilarious. Called my husband over to read it too.

Nicholas said...

I love those! Thank you.