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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Siani needs your help!

No, this is NOT a sponsored post. Just me trying to come to a decision about web-hosting.

I nearly bought a domain name and web hosting package today. But I stopped myself at the last minute, as I'm still undecided. I've had a few recommendations for web hosts from some of you lovely folks - thank you - I really appreciate your advice. Sadly, most of the suggested hosts have been US-based. I'm sure the recommended hosts are very good, but being UK-based, it makes sense to get a UK host. I need customer services who are available during UK business hours, and also, as I only have a UK debit card, it would be impossible for me to pay a non-UK host.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap and cheerful UK host? I'm probably going to get my domain name from 123 Reg, as I've used them in the past, and they're pretty cheap. I'm considering getting a hosting package with them, too. Do you use them for your hosting? What are they like?

The only package I can feasibly afford at the moment offers 100 MB of web space and 1500 MB of bandwidth/data transfer per month. Is that enough? Maybe I should dip into my meagre savings and go for the next package up from that.

If I set up a Blogger blog on my own domain, will my images still be hosted on Blogger, or will they be hosted on my domain? I've tried Wordpress, both the online and server-based versions, and I'm not keen on it, so I'll be sticking with Blogger. I'd really appreciate any help, because I don't want to waste what little money I have on the wrong choice of host or package. This domain would be for an entirely new blog, BTW. This one is staying where it is for now.


FRIGGA said...

I'm sorry, I'm completley and totally useless when it comes to this subject. Good luck though! :-)

the teach said...

Siani, I can't help you unfortunately! I am with Blogger and Wordpress and they seem to be sufficient to me...What would a web hosting service do besides give you your own domain name (Wordpress will give you your own domain name, I think) You said something about e-books and other freebies...What's that?

Let me know when you come to my blog and read my TT post (only if you want to). Thanks! :)

Nessa said...

I don't know anything either.

Anonymous said...

I've sent you an email.

The Pig's Lip said...

Hi Sian,
Personally I use blogger for all my websites now - both and are hosted by Blogger as I feel the system only needs a little tweaking to be able to become a fully functioning website. If I needed to host a .pdf or something then I would either have that on my ntl space or another free storage site. I would never go down the route of paid hosting again. I know Stella uses a paid host for as she uses a lot of server side technology but if it is an ordinary website you are using I would fiddle with the settings of blogger as I feel the benefits of blogger easily outweigh the financial losses of paid hosting